A dude named Terry.

When I was younger I worked for my half-sisters dad's electrical company. I was what they called a “gopher” meaning when they needed tools or pipes or wires or shit I was the one who would “go for” it. My sister's dad had an employee who basically functioned as my boss. We will call him Terry.

My brother-in-law said if you had anything bad to say about Terry you were probably a piece of shit yourself. Well... I fucking hated Terry. Luckily I don’t put too much weight on my brother in laws opinions either. I can see how my brother would say this about Terry, on the surface level the guy seemed like a normal dopey but hardworking dude. The truth is he was a bitter asshole, who would spend all of our working days bitching about the state of the world and telling me how stupid I was for believing the things I did only to occasionally reprieve from that when he would see an attractive woman pass by, then he would go off on some nasty rant about foul shit.

Now, it's important to note the things I believed were certainly stupid. I was a kid after all. However, the things Terry would take issue with would be things like my generosity. Despite being a Mormon he would relentlessly mock me whenever he saw me give any money or food to the homeless. This was interesting because he would also take issues with my life plan at the time (which was to become a pastor and do missions overseas). When I would express this plan he would always say something like “Why do that when you could help people here?” I would reply with some dumb shit because I was a kid, but if I could go back I would say “I do help people here, more than you do you fucking dick, and you shame me when you see me do it.” I guess the moral of this post if there is one is that sometimes people seem nice on the surface, but underneath they will hold contradictory opinions just to refuse to help someone. Oh, and my brother-in-law can really stick his foot in his mouth.