Cooking Tasty Food.

Lately I have been teaching myself how to cook in an effort to improve the diet of my wife and I. She has Crohn's disease, and we have not had much luck controlling it with the advice received by the medical professionals she has seen. Some have made vague suggestions of diets, and we have tried to follow some of the diets you will find recommended if you google for Crohn's diets, such as the Mediterranean diet. However she has had trouble sticking to any of them or finding and success. During some really bad flares we have tried an all juice diet to simple give her digestive system a break and this has seemed to produce decent results.

One of the times we did this we re-introduced only meat to her diet and she experienced less pain, however due to the difficulty of following an all meat diet she went to the Mediterranean diet afterwards without much success. This was basically immediately followed by a really bad flare and infection. This has caused me to want to learn to cook well enough to have home cooked meals for almost our entire diet that consist mostly of grass fed antibiotic free meat and fresh fruits and vegetables.

So far I have learned how to make a pretty great steak using a sous vide and a cast iron skillet. I will have to take some good photos of the next one I make and add it here. I have also gotten a cold press juicer and learned a variety of pretty awesome juice recipes. Today I made some Chicken Tinga that is in the slow cooker while I write this.

I don't really know what we are expecting, and we don't have too much of a plan other than eat as close to all natural, with a big focus on consuming a ton of plants and meat. Right now she is having most of her plants in the form of juice since the fibers in a lot of fruits and vegetables can actually be pretty hard on the stomach of anyone with IBD or similar ailments. However we hope to have some salads and stuff soon. We are completely avoiding grains and most other forms of carbs. We both suspect that as one of her main issue foods, this problem is it is also one of her favorites.