I don't want to make courses.

I am not sure why I keep attempting courses. Well, yeah I do, anytime I think about making a course it's after seeing someone make a shit ton of money off of a coding course. I want to make a shit ton of money. I think it is time I figure out some other way to make a bunch of money with the skills I have.

Programming courses are just so weird to write any time I try I just feel burned out immediately. I end up thinking of some contrived app to make as an example of how to make an app. Weirdly though, all the courses that do that are nothing like actually building an app. Sometimes I think about trying to make a SaaS and also turning that into a course somehow, but honestly that is probably an insane idea. I am also kindof just writing this article to get some writing in today, so thanks for reading if you are but I am sorry if it doesn't make much sense I am just doing some word vomiting right now.

Back to courses. I think most of them suck, and if you don't know how to code I am starting to think your best bet at learning is just FreeCodeCamp. It is boring, but is probably the right way to go about it. Most other things are inferior, or selling you shortcuts. You should just learn from them and grit your teeth.