I want to make more money.

When I started making over six figures I was basically content to make that forever, or so I thought...

Lately I have found myself wanting to do much more, which I think is coming from playing games a bit less. Something else I should probably write on soon. I really want a nice camping setup, including a vehicle as I want to do "overland camping" which is when you camp near a vehicle as apposed to backpacking.

Even used vehicles cost a shit ton. To be honest I don't really understand how any one is affording shit. I still drive a 97 Avalon.

I guess used cars are more expensive right now because of Covid, that blows my mind. Like 2019 has to be one of the only years you could have bought a used car, drove it every day, and then sell it for more the next year.

A decent amount of developers I know make 200k a year. I want to make that, so I am going to start trying to do some stuff to make some more money. I am not too sure what that entails for the moment. I am thinking about building some Shopify apps. I am also learning Three.js, I am not sure that will help but maybe it will, I will at least make a new portfolio and who knows where that leads.