October Summary.

I expected to make about $5k in freelance income for the month of October when I announced my departure from my full time job. I knew my last day was the 5th and I wanted to take a week to relax a little before going balls to the wall, that paired with only having one client led to the $5k estimate. This would have been a pretty significant pay cut (I made $110k/yr in my last position) but it seemed worth it. However basically immediately after announcing I was leaving I ended up securing a second client, which started on the 17th. This led to this month being better than expected, and a significant bump in my projected income for the rest of the year.

I ended up making $9,950 gross this month, which is pretty great all things considered! I am expecting to bring in anywhere between $12k and $18k next month. I hope I am able to end up somewhere on the higher end, but even 12k would be an increase from my last role.


*this was updated because I accidentally did last 4 weeks in the original and not the full month of October.