The Technonomicon

The Technonomicon

These are the not-so-secret but still sacred thoughts of Levi Robertson.

What is the Technonomicon? is my attempt at a "digital garden" see the post below 👇 for more information on that.

I have my own ideas about how to make a digital garden, I have this idea of content promotion. Basically things start as just seeds, and what do we do with seeds? We just throw those things everywhere hoping something sprouts. Well, this (The Technonomicon) is the seed lot, and is more like a greenhouse. When an idea grabs hold, I write a little more about it, and it starts to grow into a real coherent thought it might get its own URL Redirect from technomancy, and then eventually its own custom-designed page. "Moved into the greenhouse" you could say. This is a place for me to share and create in public, or a place for me to host simple shareable files. I hope some of this is useful to others, and that is part of the reason it is public. However, at the end of the day, this is like a mix between a public notepad, and home to some things that are best represented as Notion files like my resume.

I picked Notion for this honestly just because I love using it, I feel like it is the one tool I really enjoy using to write, and as soon as I could figure out an easy way to host it I knew I was going to use it. I love the speed that Notion allows me to create awesome, complicated drop-downy, with-embeds posts. Plus I can edit it from anywhere and it is incredibly flexible, allowing notes to grow to posts, then to wherever else they may grow into.