Why hire me?

If you are looking for a front-end developer who specializes in React, who can create an amazing new product from scratch, or uplift an existing one so you can deliver more new features consistently, while bringing your project into a more maintainable and developer-friendly state, then you are reading the right resume.

I am looking to join a team that wants to invest in their front-end web stack for the coming years, someone looking for a developer that can help them make the right decisions and invest in the right areas. If you are considering things like building a theme-able design system in React, creating a site (or suite of sites) leveraging the JAMstack, or making a progressive web app, I might be a great candidate for your project.


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ThinkReservations Front-End Developer| Oct 2020 - Current
AspireIQ Front-End Developer | Aug 2019 - Oct 2020
Consulting JavaScript Development | Since 2015 - Current
Thinkful Full Stack Mentor | Jan, 2018 - March, 2019
American Express Front End Engineer | Feb, 2018 - Aug, 2018
Uhaul SDET | Oct, 2015 - Dec, 2017

I have also hosted the JAMstack Phoenix meetup since the beginning of 2019 (Currently on Hiatus because of COVID-19), spoken as a guest at other meetups on a variety of topics from JavaScript to Freelancing and finding clients. Additionally, I have contributed to a handful of open-source projects mostly around the Gatsby Ecosystem.

Shortlist of technologies I am proficient with:

  • JavaScript
  • GraphQL
  • JWT

  • React
  • Jest
  • Ruby

  • NextJS
  • Theme-UI
  • Ramda/Lodash

  • GatsbyJS
  • VX/Victory
  • Node